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— Remember forms and objects of the past, capture their emotional side and adapt them to tendency of contemporary arts, to create objects not only functional but also significant and fascinating.

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Duecitti is a design firm based in Genoa focused on interior and product design.

Luca Cipollina is an architect, graduated at the Genoa School of Architecture, who works on renovations, exhibition set-up and retail design projects. Alice Perfumo has an economics background, collector of curious objects, she has a strong passion for design in all its forms.

The idea of conveying forms and emotions through the interaction between arts, crafts and design, leads them to establish Duecitti, for the production of small series of objects in limited editions.

— Each project is a narration consisting of materials, people and places —


For us it’s pleasing to remember forms and objects of the past, capturing their emotional side and adapting them to the tendency of the contemporary arts, to create expressions of our time that are not only functional but also significant, involving people beyond the practical function.

Our projects born with the intent to reveal the expressive side of chosen materials, experimenting with their communicative potential, learning and renovating their processing forms, to have objects generated combining the best italian craftsmanship with typical raw materials and the historical and cultural identity of the territory to which they belong.